Batley Grammar School announces an independent investigation into the comic book incident of Prophet Muhammad

An independent investigation has been launched into the incident, in which a picture of the Prophet Muhammad was shown in a class at a Yorkshire school and sparked protests.

The investigation will examine the "context" of the students Batley High School was shown a cartoon of MuhammadAccording to the multi-academy trust that runs the school.

Protesters gathered in front of the West Yorkshire School on Thursday and Friday last week after the teacher was suspended, provoking a nationwide debate with often polarized views.

Batley Multi Academy Trust said in a statement on Wednesday that an investigative panel would begin work within 14 days, saying, "We understand that everyone will want clarity as soon as possible."

“We believe that the right way to conduct an independent investigation is to review the context in which the materials (which caused the crime) have been used and make recommendations regarding the religious studies curriculum so that appropriate lessons can be drawn and learned Action can be taken where necessary. "

The statement added, "We will continue to support the entire school community as the investigation progresses, including all school staff and students."

The Trust said it would expect the results of the investigation in late May.

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