Batley High School: Parents Call for Silence as Petition in Support of Teacher exceeds 60,000

Parents at Batley High School have called in a row around a teacher who showed the students a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed to calm down.

A petition in support of the teacher who apologized after showing the cartoon, widely taken from the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdohas passed more than 60,000 signatures.

The series has protests outside of that West Yorkshire School that apologized and suspended the teacher involved on Thursday pending an investigation.

On Sunday was Yunus Lunat, a spokesman for the Batley Parents and community partnership said the teacher failed to realize that the picture was "full of Islamophobic tropics".

He said: "We believe that in a democratic society everyone has the right to opinion and expression. However, we as parents and citizens also believe that those rights come with responsibility.

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