Maria Miller: Tory MP says she suffered sexual assault at school as 10,000 cases of abuse were reported

A Conservative MP who ran a bomb report sexual violence in the schools She was sexually assaulted at school five years ago.

Maria MillerThe former chairwoman of the Women's and Equality Selection Board said this was "a routine part of life" and most of the other girls in her school had had similar experiences.

The 57-year-old who demands Ofsted In order to conduct an immediate investigation into sexual abuse in schools, the government has not taken adequate measures to combat it rape and sexual harassment in schools, when she warned teachers, often overlook the problem because it is so widespread.

Your comments come as the number of submissions on a website that records testimony of sexual abuse – with a number of accounts now exceeding 10,600.

Ms Miller, who attended Brynteg Comprehensive School, one of the largest secondary schools in Wales, said The independent one: “There will still be many mothers who are concerned that their daughters will experience what they experienced in school.

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