<p>There is a sense at Cambridge of being exempt from the standards recognised by society at large</p>

Could you give a convict a job? pedophile? No, I wouldn't, especially as a teacher. Cambridge University thinks differently. The question is why? I sometimes ask myself: does he include his beliefs on his résumé? Probably not. I just looked up his website: it is not mentioned there either.

"Professor M" (as I will call him) is a colleague of mine in Cambridge. I've been trying to forget for about 10 years and then recently I got a letter addressed to him in my drawer thinking, just wait, he's not me, I'm not him. He's the pedophile, not me. The university doesn't seem to notice the difference.

I could have been guilty of remaining silent about it for too long. The fact is, however, I took the trouble to set out my objections to their decision all those years ago when he got his old job back. He was involved in an operation by a pedophile police unit, duly arrested, tried and convicted. He was found guilty of owning, producing and distributing Child pornographyThis includes pictures of babies, more than 1,000 photos and videos of boys two days old through to teenagers, some of which are classified as "Level 5" and relate to images that include bestiality or sadism.

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