"Reckless" for all students to return to school on March 8, the government warned

The Ministry of Education (DfE) has announced an immediate review of sexual abuse in schools.

Ofsted will look at policy protection in state and independent schools, the "extent and severity of the problem" and ensure that appropriate systems are in place to enable students to raise their concerns.

The review will also look at whether schools are being given enough guidance on how to deal with sexual harassment and allegations of violence and whether current school inspection systems are strong enough to address concerns, the DfE said.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson also announced a new hotline operated by the NSPCC to assist potential victims of sexual harassment and abuse in schools.

The number, which goes online on Thursday, will provide advice to children and adults, including parents and professionals, the DfE said.

It comes after more than 10,000 reports were posted on Everybody's Invited website, where students can anonymously share their experiences of misogyny, harassment, abuse, and assault.

The chairman of Parliament's Education Committee said the government must seriously address claims against more than 100 schools, a Labor Party call.

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